Winlaton Vulcans RFC is a Family Friendly Club and we embrace, encourage and
welcome well behaved children to make use of our facilities including those areas of
the club which are licensed for the sale and consumption of alcohol.
Please note the following in respect of children in this club house
1) All children under the age of sixteen (16) years (hereafter referred to as “the child”)
must be accompanied at all times by a parent, guardian or other
appropriate adult, the latter being over the age of eighteen (18) years
(hereafter all referred to as “the adult”)
2) The adult will at all times whilst on club premises have a responsibility to
ensure that any child in their charge is well behaved and that their
behaviour is not unacceptable to the detriment of other club users / patrons.
3) Examples of unacceptable behaviour could be (but not exclusively),
excessive running around, shouting and screaming loudly, climbing on and
running around the fixed furniture, throwing foodstuffs around, fighting (fun
or otherwise).
4) Any decision as to what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and how it is
dealt with will be that of the club manager or in their absence an appointed
staff member(s) and/ or any club committee member who is present.
5) Unacceptable behaviour by children could be subject to a range of
sanctions; from a request that the adult ensures that the child’s behaviour is
moderated accordingly, to exclusion from the premises of both the child and
the adult.
6) Children should be encouraged to treat the club premises and it’s property
with respect. Any damage deemed to be a result of unacceptable behaviour
must be paid for and will be charged to the adult, as will any excessive
cleaning costs to the premises, deemed to have been caused by
unacceptable behaviour.
7) Winlaton Vulcans RFC will in no circumstances accept responsibly for
personal injury or damage / loss to personal property, particularly where
instances of unacceptable behaviour by children have been noted.