Equity Policy

Equity Policy Objectives
WINLATON VULCANS RFC Equity policy has the following objectives:
To adopt a planned approach to eliminating perceived barriers which discriminate
against particular groups. This will include widening the traditional approach and
include communities experiencing disadvantage, poverty and health inequalities.
To ensure that no-one working or wishing to work for or on behalf of Winlaton
Vulcans RFC receives less favorable treatment on the grounds outlined in the Policy
Statement above.
To give clear guidance to individual working within Winlaton Vulcans RFC either
employed or as volunteers, on the commitment to equal opportunities.
To ensure that all those who participate in Rugby Union, at all levels and in all roles,
receive fair and equitable treatment.
To ensure that the format and content of all competitions, regulations and assessments
provide equity for all, except where specific situations and conditions properly or
reasonably prevent this.
To ensure that all materials prepared, produced and distributed by or on behalf of
Winlaton Vulcans RFC promote a clear image of the profile of all those who are a
part of the game.

Equity Policy Implementation
WINLATON VULCANS RFC will seek to promote equity and equality through:
The monitoring of practices, procedures and data relating to the operations of
competitions, schemes, initiatives and development materials.
A regular review of existing rules and regulations to ensure that they do not inhibit the
participation of people from groups which may suffer discrimination.
Increasing collaboration with partner organisations to ensure equity, fair and
consistent treatment of all members.
The provision of appropriate training for all employees, members of the Management
Committee and other key volunteers of Winlaton Vulcans RFC to raise awareness of
both collective and individual responsibilities, to support their progress within the
Club and where appropriate, provide specialised facilities, equipment and individual

training. In pursuance of this policy, Winlaton Vulcans RFC may take special
measures or positive action in favour of any group which is currently
underrepresented in its membership. In this Winlaton Vulcans RFC recognises its
legal obligations under the following acts of Parliament:
• Race Relations Act 1976 (amendment 2000)
• Equal Pay Act 1970
• Sex Discrimination Acts 1975, 1986, 1999
• Disability Discrimination Act 1995
• Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
• Human Rights Act 1998.

Equity Policy Monitoring
Winlaton Vulcans RFC will monitor and review the selection criteria and procedures
in relation to participation and employment to ensure individuals are selected,
promoted and treated solely on the basis of the skills and abilities which are
appropriate to the position.
Winlaton Vulcans RFC will work with key partners and accountable officers within
the respective organisations to ensure that all programmes and initiatives are
Equity Policy Exemptions
Winlaton Vulcans RFC reserves the right to limit competitions to persons of specific
age, gender or disability groups where this is necessary to ensure equitable, safe and
equal competition.

Equity Policy Responsibility
Winlaton Vulcans RFC expects all those acting on behalf of the club to adhere to this
policy. In pursuance of this policy Winlaton Vulcans RFC reserves the right to
discipline any of its members or employees who practice any form of discrimination
on the grounds of a person’s age, gender, ability, race, religion, ethnic origin, creed,
colour, nationality, social status or sexual orientation.

Richard Jones
Hon Sec
Date: 15.11.2012