Winlaton Vulcans RFC – Unacceptable Behaviour Policy

1. Winlaton Vulcans RFCis committed to providing a great place to play rugby in a social atmosphere. However, the Clubmust also provide a safe working environment for all of our staff and volunteers. We believe that everyone who uses these facilities has the right to be heard, understood and respected, we also consider that the Clubstaff and volunteers have the same rights.

2. We aim to provide a facility that is accessible to everyone who is legally entitled to use it. However, the Clubretains the right, where we consider such actions to be unacceptable, to restrict or change the terms of access. We need to ensure that allcustomers and the Clubstaff do not suffer in any way from users who act in an unacceptable manner.

3. This policy sets out the approach for when the actions or behaviour of an individual are unacceptable. This policy applies to all who frequent the Club, staff, volunteers, members of any category and customers at any time.

4.The Clubrecognises that certain forms of mental illness or disability may make it difficult for people to express themselves or communicate clearly. The Clubwill always consider making reasonable allowances for any individual if we are asked to do so – but we may still need to manage contact in these circumstances if considered necessary.

Definitions and examples of unacceptable actions or behaviour

5. The Club understands that bringing a complaint can be a stressful. People may act out of character in times of frustration or distress. Our staff recognise this and would not necessarily view such actions or behaviour to be unacceptable.

6. However, the actions of anyone who is angry, demanding, or persistent may result in unreasonable demands or unacceptable behaviour. These actions or behaviour will be considered unacceptable and need to be managed. These actions or behaviour are grouped under two broad headings: ‘aggressive, offensive or abusive’ and ‘unreasonable demands or persistence’.

Aggressive, offensive or abusive actions or behaviour

7. All of our staff, volunteers, members and customers have the right not to be subjected to aggressive, offensive or abusive actions, language or behaviour, regardless of the circumstances

8.Actions or behaviour grouped under this heading, include any actions or behaviour that may have the potential to cause anyone to feel intimidated, threatened or offended. These include, but are not limited to: threats, physical violence, personal verbal abuse, derogatory remarks, and rudeness. We also include inflammatory statements and unsubstantiated allegations.

9. Violence is not restricted to physical aggression, it may also include behaviour or language, whether oral or written. 

Unreasonable demands or persistence

10.The Clubhas a responsibility to operate the club in an efficient and effective manner. 

11. Staff/volunteers/members/customers may not accept that the Club is unable to assist them further or demand an unrealistic level of response. They may persist in disagreeing with the action or decision of the Club and persist about the same issue.

12.Unreasonable demands may include: requesting responses in an unreasonable timescale; insisting on seeing or speaking to a particular person; continual phone calls, emails, or letters; changing the substance of a complaint or unrelated complaints. 

13.Unreasonable persistence include: continual refusal to accept a decision made in relation to a complaint; persistent refusal to accept explanations relating to whatthe Club can or cannot do, or continuing to pursue a complaint once it has been closed. The way the original complaint was made,may be entirely reasonable, but the persistent behaviour in continuing to do is not.

14. If the level of contact has become unacceptable where the amount of time spent talking, on the telephone or dealing with written correspondence negatively impacts on our ability to deal with that complaint, or with other issues.

Our approach to handling unacceptable actions or behaviour

15. When the actions or behaviour ofstaff/volunteers/members/customers is unacceptable we will tell them why and we will give them the opportunity to modify their actions or behaviour. If the behaviour continues, we will take appropriate measures.

16. Whoever at the Club experiences unacceptable behaviour has the right to inform any member of the management committee. All staff/volunteers, membersand customers are accountable for their own actions

17. We have to take action when unreasonable actions or behaviourdetrimentally effect the functioning of the Club. We aim to do this in a way that allows a complaint to be processed. We will try to ensure that any action we take is the minimum required to address the unacceptable actions or behaviour, taking into account any relevant personal circumstances.

18. The Club will take any action(s) that it considers to be appropriate in relation to any unacceptable actions or behaviour. Normally we will write to tell the person in question why we believe their behaviour is unacceptable, what action we are taking and the duration of that action. Some of the options that we are likely to consider are:

18.1. To restrict or stop access to the Club.

18.1.1. Limitaccess to certain times or parts of the club. 

18.1.2. If issue is with a particular member of staff, restrict contact. 

18.1.3. Allow minimal contact.

18.2. Require communication with the Clubto be through a representative.

18.3. Read and file all correspondence but acknowledge or respond only if new information or new complaints are being raised.

18.4. To terminate or suspend consideration of a complaint. The person in question may appeal a decision to suspend or terminate access to the Club. In exceptional cases, we also reserve the right not to consider a future complaint from a user. We will take into account the impact on the person in question and whether there is a broader interest for all at the Club. 

18.5. If appropriate, report the issue to the Police, or appropriate body (RFU) or take legal action. In such cases, we may not give person in question prior warning of that action.19. We will record all incidents of unacceptable actions or behaviour and any action taken by the Club.