Rugby Force


A chronic problem at the Winlaton Vulcans Rugby Club was solved at last with the help of the NatWest Rugby Force Weekend who provided £500.00 to finance the project and enabled us to recruit the necessary personnel to complete a number of tasks which sorely needed attention.

As you can see from the images linked below, every time it rained there was considerable flooding occurring at the car park and the corner of the Club.

The problem was solved by installing a 35-meter drain and sump which required a considerable amount muscle and effort to complete the job. There was also a number of outstanding painting projects in and around the Club which needed doing

Fortunately for Winlaton a large number of members of all ages attended a great cross section of players, committee members and volunteers gave their time over the weekend to help the club.

A great ‘Thank You ‘ to all who gave their time to help their club!

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