We have so much to be thankful for from some really great people and supporters of our club. These are a few of the excellent things people are doing to help us.

The SISIS QUADRAPLAY is a vital piece of equipment used to keep our Rugby Pitches in pristine condition but recently the bearings in the roller attachment collapsed and we were looking at a hefty bill to have it serviced and replaced.
The problem was solved thanks to the generosity of a local business man and some Club Member Volunteers. The roller was removed by Groundsmen Ray Hamilton and Craig MacFarlane who discovered that the bearings had collapsed and were severely corroded, The Convery Brothers Paul and Joe, who have continuously supported the Club on numerous previous occasions, were called on to use their engineering skills to remove and replace the damaged bearings.
The bearings were supplied by a local firm who generously donated the replacements free of charge.
So on behalf of the club we would like to thank ALAN BELL of GATESHEAD BEARINGS LIMITED 

We were down to our last tackle bag but thanks to generous donations from Tony Rutherford and Jason McGray we are able to buy some new ones. They are on order now. Much appreciated gents!

Everything is on computer nowadays and its no exception at the club where we need them for accounting, membership, booking functions, managing stock, keeping minutes and social media. Our old desktop is on its last legs and its really inconvenient to have to unlock the downstairs office whenever we needed to use it. But tanks to the generous donation from Dean Barnes of a refurbished laptop we are far better able to manage our affairs. If you have any I.T needs then Dean is your man. Thanks Dean!

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